Current Projects and Activities

Social Science Data Archives: History and Sustainability

With Professor Kristin Eschenfelder and Professor Greg Downey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I’m studying the history of social science data archives, their approaches to longevity, and their current challenges and evolution of their practice. This work has been funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, History and Foundations of Information Science Special Interest Group of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST), University College Dublin seed funds, and the Irish Research Council.

For more about the project and publications, please go to the project website here.

Seeing Climate Change: How to Communicate Climate Change with Visualizations

With Dr. Xuefeng Cui in the School of the Mathematics and Statistics, I’m working on understanding how experts and Irish citizens think about climate change using expert and DIY visualizations and images.  The project is just underway in 2016-2017.

Other (Sometimes) Useful Things I’m Doing

Since 2014 I’ve been one of the two Irish representatives to the Management Committee to the European Commission funded COST (Committee on Science and Technology) Action New Frontiers in Peer Review (PEERE).  Learn more about our activities here.

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