Visiting Malta

I’m on a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) in the beautiful country of Malta as part of the Knowescape COST Action, a network of researchers intersecting around cultural heritage, computer science, data curation, and related areas.  This week, I’m attending and giving a talk as part of the Observatory for Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS) on our Alfred P. Sloan Foundation research project on Social Science Data Archives and Sustainability.  Next week, I’ll be meeting with students, librarians, and archivists to talk further about these topics.  Malta is a fascinating case study for these kinds of topics – a 7000 year human presence on the islands, strong interest in cultural heritage, a unique (and very living) language that is in daily use but English is also an official national language. I’m grateful to my host Dr Milena Dobreva for organising this visit and the Knowescape COST Action for funding it.

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Professor, School of Information and Communication Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland Research and teaching interests: documents in scholarly practice, scientific documentation and data management practices, research evaluation, information ethics

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