About Me

Informal Bio:

I’ve been at UCD since July 2011 and am still learning more my university, my city, and the country of Ireland. Oh, and Europe. My research interests are varied (whose aren’t?) but broadly encompass the intersection of societies, cultures, and their attitudes towards this ubiquitous concept called “data”.

I have also been Head of School since September 2015.  Please feel free to contact me about my research and teaching as well as for more information about the School.

Formal Bio:

Kalpana Shankar is Professor of Information and Communication Studies and Head of School at University College Dublin’s School of Information and Communication Studies.  Her current research examines how data practices and systems reflect and reify the larger society, culture, and institutions where they are enacted. Her current research projects focus on the sustainability and longevity of data archives and Irish attitudes towards climate change. Past projects include open data in Ireland and aging and technology for the home.

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School of Information and Communication Studies
C120 Newman Hall, University College Dublin
Belfield 4
Dublin, Ireland
Ph: (353)17168359
Email: kalpana.shankar(at)ucd.ie